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Coding is the language of the future. We offer various coding languages for children ages 6 and above (some of our students are adults also!).


Our curriculum is designed to meet individual interests and strengths.

Our lesson plans are intended to develop coding skills by providing our students with skill-appropriate challenges with increasing complexity.


Our virtual coding lessons are 1-on-1 so that each child gets the attention that they deserve.

Individual sessions & personalized curriculum is our key to developing young talent.

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If you like playing computer games, why not create your own? Build racing challenges, platform games and puzzles.

Recommended for Ages 6+


Curriculum includes:

- Motion, Looks, Sound, Events, Control, Sensing, Operators, Variables

- Loops, repeat, rotating turn degrees, music extension, keystroke control


- Imagine and create your story with backdrop, characters, sounds

- If/Then conditions, variable to score, add obstacles, subtract points, make a 2 person game, video sensing using built in webcam


Explore sound library, develop patterns, use beatbox sounds in a loop, record short sounds to play, interactive dance


- Animate a Character, introduce X Y Coordinates, move character, talking animation with more than one character

Code characters to interact, broadcast, hide/show, switch backdrops, make characters have a conversation

Introduce mouse control in pong game, sound/color effects, multi-player game

Video sensing using characters, playing ball, adventure and conversations

- and much more...



Create fantastic computer games while learning how to code with the world's most popular text based programming language. Become confident coders and start building a whole arcade of puzzles, games and quizzes.

Recommended for Ages 9+

Curriculum includes:

- Introduction to Python, installing Python and PyGame Zero, introduction to IDLE  (shell and editor windows), Introduction to colors in the code, installing IDLE

Variables, using numbers - integers and floats, working with strings, making lists

- Decision making, comparison, boolean expressionsIf, Else, Elif, for, while, infinite loops, functions, errors, bug fixes

​- Game flow chart​, graphics in Pygame (X Y Coordinates)

- Boolean variable, scoring variable, two actors, pass keyword, functions: draw, string, randint, time_up, game_over, update, draw, Pygame zero tool: Clock

​-  List, global and local variables, functions: line, on_mouse_down, collide point, print, string, time, round

Python Random Module, constants, global and local variables, custom function, lists, animate function

​- Create custom functions, plan the quiz interface, main_box, move_ip, list, score, timers, time_left, add questions, list for questions,game_over

- Create custom functions, create global variables, reacting to mouse clicks, displaying and updating scores, calculations, actor animations, scrolling across screens, handle collisions, file handling, splitting strings, 

​- Create custom functions, create countdown, adding music, import module, global variables, resetting actors, mouse clicks, displaying actors, recursive functions, event handling, scoring

​- Create custom functions, create lists, draw function, global variables, update function, points, collision, velocity function

Use arrow keys to control actors, scoring, counting, updates, clock function, dictionaries, animate actors, collisions​, motion, Looks, Sound, Events, Control, Sensing, Operators, Variables

- and a lot of fun!


Build your own Website, App and Games - all while developing your Coding skills. How cool is that?

Recommended for Ages 10+

Curriculum includes:

- Build a Web Page​, coding web pages, creating, saving and opening HTML files

- Basic construct of an html document, HTML - tags (paragraphs, breaks, images), key things to consider when writing html 

- Make a simple webpage using HTML, Add text and images to the webpage

- Layout and design webpage using CSS

- Build a website

- Create a Password, intro to hyperlinks, linking web pages

- Coding with Javascript, variables, operators, logic, functions

- Javascript and HTML, Create the password page


- Building a web based App, Document Object Model (DOM) API, adding DOM to the App

- Build a to-do-list App, adding tasks to the App, removing elements from the App

- Removing HTML element, Saving to-do-list items in the App using an API

- Create your own to-do-list web based App

- Plan a Route, adding content using a web, embed content, embed a google map, plan a route using google map

- Create your own route app using web based APIs


- Make a Game, build a game board, Javascript timer, game loop

- Use game loop to stop the game, CSS to show and hide characters, animate characters

- Apply CSS using Javascript, create a score, simplify code

- Design game with CS, use images for characters

- Make the game harder and create your own game


- Build your own website, intro to wireframes

- CSS properties, CSS color valuweb page layouts

- Host your own website

- So much learning while having fun!


Starting at $59 / month : Fee based on 1 session per week

Private sessions are 1-on-1 with professional instructors for 30-60 minutes.

Group sessions are for 1 hour and maintain an instructor to student ratio of 1:5.

5% discount when signing up for 6 months

10% discount when signing up for the year

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