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Coding is the language of the future. We offer various coding languages for children ages 6 and above (some of our students are adults also!).


Our curriculum is designed to meet individual interests and strengths.


​The lesson plans are intended to develop coding skills by providing our students with skill-appropriate challenges with increasing complexity.


Our coding lessons are available for groups or 1-on-1 so that each child gets the attention that they deserve.

Interesting, Game themed sessions & personalized curriculum is our key to developing young talent.

Programs & Tuition:

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If you like playing computer games, why not create your own? Build racing challenges, platform games and puzzles.

Recommended for Ages 6+


Curriculum includes:

- Motion, Looks, Sound, Events, Control, Sensing, Operators, Variables

- Loops, repeat, rotating turn degrees, music extension, keystroke control


- Imagine and create your story with backdrop, characters, sounds

- If/Then conditions, variable to score, add obstacles, subtract points, make a 2 person game, video sensing using built in webcam


Explore sound library, develop patterns, use beatbox sounds in a loop, record short sounds to play, interactive dance


- Animate a Character, introduce X Y Coordinates, move character, talking animation with more than one character

Code characters to interact, broadcast, hide/show, switch backdrops, make characters have a conversation

Introduce mouse control in pong game, sound/color effects, multi-player game

Video sensing using characters, playing ball, adventure and conversations

- and much more...



Create fantastic computer games while learning how to code with the world's most popular text based programming language. Become confident coders and start building a whole arcade of puzzles, games and quizzes.

Recommended for Ages 9+

Curriculum includes:

- Introduction to Python, installing Python and PyGame Zero, introduction to IDLE  (shell and editor windows), Introduction to colors in the code, installing IDLE

Variables, using numbers - integers and floats, working with strings, making lists

- Decision making, comparison, boolean expressionsIf, Else, Elif, for, while, infinite loops, functions, errors, bug fixes

​- Game flow chart​, graphics in Pygame (X Y Coordinates)

- Boolean variable, scoring variable, two actors, pass keyword, functions: draw, string, randint, time_up, game_over, update, draw, Pygame zero tool: Clock

​-  List, global and local variables, functions: line, on_mouse_down, collide point, print, string, time, round

Python Random Module, constants, global and local variables, custom function, lists, animate function

​- Create custom functions, plan the quiz interface, main_box, move_ip, list, score, timers, time_left, add questions, list for questions,game_over

- Create custom functions, create global variables, reacting to mouse clicks, displaying and updating scores, calculations, actor animations, scrolling across screens, handle collisions, file handling, splitting strings, 

​- Create custom functions, create countdown, adding music, import module, global variables, resetting actors, mouse clicks, displaying actors, recursive functions, event handling, scoring

​- Create custom functions, create lists, draw function, global variables, update function, points, collision, velocity function

Use arrow keys to control actors, scoring, counting, updates, clock function, dictionaries, animate actors, collisions​, motion, Looks, Sound, Events, Control, Sensing, Operators, Variables

- and a lot of fun!


Build your own Website, App and Games - all while developing your Coding skills. How cool is that?

Recommended for Ages 10+

Curriculum includes:

- Build a Web Page​, coding web pages, creating, saving and opening HTML files

- Basic construct of an html document, HTML - tags (paragraphs, breaks, images), key things to consider when writing html 

- Make a simple webpage using HTML, Add text and images to the webpage

- Layout and design webpage using CSS

- Build a website

- Create a Password, intro to hyperlinks, linking web pages

- Coding with Javascript, variables, operators, logic, functions

- Javascript and HTML, Create the password page


- Building a web based App, Document Object Model (DOM) API, adding DOM to the App

- Build a to-do-list App, adding tasks to the App, removing elements from the App

- Removing HTML element, Saving to-do-list items in the App using an API

- Create your own to-do-list web based App

- Plan a Route, adding content using a web, embed content, embed a google map, plan a route using google map

- Create your own route app using web based APIs


- Make a Game, build a game board, Javascript timer, game loop

- Use game loop to stop the game, CSS to show and hide characters, animate characters

- Apply CSS using Javascript, create a score, simplify code

- Design game with CS, use images for characters

- Make the game harder and create your own game


- Build your own website, intro to wireframes

- CSS properties, CSS color valuweb page layouts

- Host your own website

- So much learning while having fun!


Starting at $69 / month : Fee based on 1 session per week

Private sessions are 1-on-1 with professional instructors for 30-60 minutes.

Group sessions are for 1 hour and maintain an instructor to student ratio of 1:5.


Classes are available during the following hours. A personalized schedule will be provided upon completion of a pre-assessment to identify the right class for your child.

Monday - Friday : 4 PM - 8 PM EST

Saturday - Sunday : 10 AM - 4 PM EST

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