1) K-Rockets will provide a safe and supportive environment for each attendee, regardless of their race, gender, ethnicity or background. Disrespectful, disruptive and inappropriate action, behavior or language will not be tolerated, and could result in a student's dismissal from the academy without a refund or credit.

2) A full payment for the selected program/s must be received at the time of registration to hold a spot for the student. All tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


3) No refunds will be granted for absenteeism. If a registrant cannot attend the program due to illness, travel, or if a parent decides to take them out of the academy for any reason, no refund or credit will be provided.

4) If a program is cancelled by K-Rockets, payment may be applied towards another program of equivalent value, or an option for a full refund will be offered.

5) Inclement weather related cancellations will be communicated via parent's email or phone number provided at the time of registration. A make-up class will be arranged for such cancellations, which may be at a different time and day of the originally scheduled class. No refund will be provided if the student cannot attend the make-up class.

6) All students should be dropped off no earlier than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled time. Pick up time is no later than 5 minutes after the dismissal time. In case a child is not picked up within 15 minutes of the closing time, parent/guardian will be contacted and a charge of $15 will be applied.

7) At the beginning of a semester, students will be enrolled in their age-appropriate grade level. However, during the semester, if a student is evaluated at above or below their current grade level, they will be transferred to their skill-appropriate classroom. The class timings will remain the same, and a communication will be made to the parents.

8) Students are not allowed to bring in any personal items, toys or electronic devices. It will be the sole responsibility of the child if they bring an item and if it is lost, stolen or broken. No personal phone calls will be allowed during the instruction time, except for medical emergencies.

10) Students may bring a water bottle to the classroom. No other food or drinks are allowed in the classrooms.

11) Tuition fee indicated on the registration form is for one session per week. Each session is 30 minutes long for pivate lessons and 1 hour long for group lessons of up to 5 students.


12) Additional material cost may be added for students signing up for virtual STEM programs such as Robotics.


13) I will pay the invoice sent to me (for tuition and a one-time $5 registration fee per child), and understand that it must be paid within 3 days of invoice receipt to hold a class for my child.

14) I hereby give K-Rockets staff permission to see that my minor child receives medical treatment in the case of an emergency *

I understand that due to COVID-19:

1. I am responsible for taking my child's temperature each day prior to sending them to class and keeping them home if it is above 100 degrees. 2. I am responsible for not sending my child to class if they may have Covid-19, have been in contact with anyone with or suspected of having Covid-19, or are otherwise sick with any transferable illness (cold, flu, etc).

3. All students and teachers will be required to wear masks at all times.

4. K-Rockets staff may take my child's temperature if they are concerned that my child may be sick. If they have a fever, the provided emergency number will be called for the child to be picked up immediately.

5. In order to limit people inside the buildings, parents will not be allowed in the school or studio.

6. At pick-up and drop-off students will come out of the school and go to their respective cars parked in the front of the school. I will be on time dropping off and picking up my child.