"We will always have STEM with us. Some things will drop out of the public eye and will go away, but there will always be Science, Engineering and Technology. And there will always, always be Mathematics"

- Katherine Johnson

Our math curriculum is based on international best practices and foundation of analytical and logical problem solving.

Not all students learn the same way. Our philosophy is to provide students the kind of environment that they thrive in. Therefore we offer both small group and individual Math classes.

We are now enrolling for Grades K-12.

Classes run throughout the year, including Summer.



Classroom & Virtual Math Programs & Tutoring Available​ For:

- Grades K-6

- Pre-algebra

- Algebra 1

- Algebra 2

- Geometry

- Pre-calculus

- AP Calculus

- SAT/ ACT Math Preparation 

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Distance / Virtual Learning Program









Our Math enrichment programs are aligned with the Common Core Standards to help children excel in school.

We offer challenging and advanced learning opportunities to gifted children, and program our material to meet their skills.

Our lesson plans emphasize on developing a combination of analytical and problem solving skills along with strong mathematical foundation.

Success in Math is directly proportional to practice and successfully mastering the foundational concepts. Class and Home worksheets are provided to students to practice the assigned topics/

All Virtual Programs are 1-on-1 with Qualified Instructors.

Our pre-evaluations ensure that students are provided challenging assignments and are assigned appropriate grade level material.

Material is sent to students electronically. Sessions run throughout the year.

Classes are available all 7 days of the week.

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Select one or more of the following (Each session is 30 mins long):

Core Curriculum: $59 per month (1 session/ week)

Competitive Math: $79 per month (1 session/ week)

SAT/ ACT math preparation: $179 per month (1 hour/week)

Multiple sessions available

5% discount when signing up for 6 months

10% discount when signing up for 12 months

Classroom Programs





Our Math classes run throughout the year and the curriculum is aligned with U.S Common Core Standards.

Each child learns at their pace. Students are provided personalized, skill-based assignments, irrespective of their grade level.

We maintain a 5:1 students to teacher ratio so that each child gets the attention that they deserve.

Flexible Schedule - Classes for all grades available all 7 days 



Core Curriculum Group Lessons (Max. 5 students per Instructor):

$59 per month (1 hour session / week)

Core Curriculum Individual Lessons

$59 per month (Half an hour session / week)


SAT / ACT Math Preparation - Individual Classes

$179 per month (1 hour session / week)

5% discount when signing up for 6 months

10% discount when signing up for 12 months

For More Information

Call: 860-375-3042


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School Closings​ 2021

No virtual or in-class sessions will be held during these days.

January 1 - New Year Day

April 12-16 - Spring Break

May 29-31 - Memorial Day

July 3-4 - Independence Day

September 4-6 - Labor Day

November 23-26 - Thanksgiving Break

December 21-31 - Winter Break

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